Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

Do I have to register online?

ALL REGISTRATIONS must be entered online. AASL will not accept hard-copy registration forms. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. Visit here to register. AASL/ALA members will be asked to log in to their ALA account. If you do not remember your log-in information, follow the instructions provided on the screen to retrieve your account information and log in to register. Once you log into your account, the information from your AASL/ALA member record will be transferred to your registration. Review your information carefully and change it as needed (e.g., personal address to work address). Those who are not AASL/ALA members must fill out the registration as required.

I need to submit paperwork for payment by my school/district. What should I use?

If your school/district needs documentation to cover the cost of your registration, the registration/housing rate card is available. In order to receive the best discount, AASL strongly recommends you register as soon as possible and select PO or Check as your payment option. Your confirmation will include the balance due, which can be submitted for your school/district to issue a PO or check.

Can I register on site?

AASL will take registrations up to and during the conference. ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. There will be no hard-copy registration forms available, and AASL registration staff will not manually enter a registration. If you need assistance registering, e-mail or call 312-280-4382.

How do I register now and pay later?

If you will be funding your own conference registration but want to pay later, select the PO/Check as your payment option. This option allows you to complete your registration with a balance due. When you can pay the balance on your registration, simply log into your registration dashboard and pay the balance using a credit card.

Why am I not receiving the correct registration rate?

If you are not receiving the correct member pricing (e.g., you are receiving a non-member rate instead of the member rate) consider if you logged in correctly.

    1. Were you able to log in as an AASL member, or did you create a new account?The AASL member rate will appear only if you have logged in through ALA and your membership record has been verified.
    1. Could your AASL membership have expired? If you believe your membership may have expired or there is an issue with membership activation, contact or call 312-280-4382.

If you are not receiving the correct discount amount or the code is not working, check here to make sure the code you are using has not expired and a new code has been activated.

If the issue does not resolve using the above suggestions, proceed to checkout but select a non-credit card payment option (check or PO). When you receive your confirmation please forward your confirmation to, explaining the pricing issue (wrong member rate, wrong discount, etc.). If the pricing error is caused by a system issue, AASL can make an adjustment on the backed and you will receive an updated invoice showing the correct balance that you can then pay online.

Complimentary Administrator Registration

Are administrators eligible for a full conference registration?

Yes.  Any full conference registrant can add a complimentary administrator registration.  One day registrations are not eligible to add an administrator to their registration.

How do I add my administrator?

During the registration process, after you have completed your registration information, you will see a button that notes “Add Administrator” on the “Review Information” page. Click that button and enter the information requested. You can go back into your registration dashboard later to add or change your administrator.

Why am I not seeing my administrator’s title/position listed as an option?

The complimentary administrator registration is intended as an opportunity for an administrator to attend and learn alongside their school librarian at a conference they would not otherwise attend. A district superintendent/assistant superintendent, curriculum director, or school principal/assistant principal would not usually pay for and attend a conference focused on the role of the school librarian. Other roles such as a district supervisor of school librarians or technology staff working in school libraries or with school librarians receive a direct benefit to their professional role by attending the AASL National Conference. The complimentary administrator registration is intended as a perk for school librarian registrants.

AASL offers administrators the option to attend the national conference to help serve the greater school librarian community in developing advocates in the education community who support and speak to the vital role of school librarians in the K-12 education landscape. AASL is investing in an advocacy effort to support school librarians, and we ask that school librarians in turn support the organization.

Payment Information

Can I register now and pay later?

YES! AASL strongly encourages registrants to register as early as possible to receive the greatest discount possible on registration. AASL must receive payment or payment verification prior to conference for you to receive your badge. If your school/district will not process your purchase order until after conference, see here.  If you would like to delay using personal funds for registration, you can log back into your account and pay by credit card any time prior to conference.

 What forms of payment does AASL accept?

AASL accepts American Express, Mastercard, Visa, checks, and purchase orders as forms of payment. AASL DOES NOT ACCEPT  CASH.

Where and to whom should my check be sent?

First, register online. After registering, you will receive a confirmation “balance due” notification. It is recommended that you submit your confirmation with your check to ensure proper and expedited processing of your payment. Make your check payable to AASL and mail the check and a copy of your confirmation to:

American Association of School Librarians
225 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60601

Where can I find AASL/ALA’s W-9 to submit to my school?

AASL/ALA has moved! Be sure to submit the correct W-9 to your school/district if paying by check.

How do I pay with a purchase order?

How is your purchase order processed?

    1. My school/district will send the check once they receive an invoice.After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will show the balance due for your registration. Please use this paperwork to submit to your school/district accounting department for processing.
    1. My school/district will not send payment until after the event.AASL will need to receive a copy of the purchase order prior to October 8 in order for your balance to be carried until after the conference. You will need to submit a copy of your purchase order using the Payment Verification Form.

Why is AASL requiring uploading documentation?

Requiring proof of payment is nothing new for the AASL National Conference registration process. Previously registrants with a balance would hand carry a purchase order, a copy of a check, or a hardcopy check with them to conference, which would be processed on site before their badge was printed. If a registrant did not have proof of payment pending (purchase order/copy of check), they would need to provide a credit card for AASL to keep on file. The only NEW step is that AASL is asking registrants to upload document(s) instead of managing the process on site. Instead of standing in the “special assistance” line at registration, which at times can be very long, you will now be able to scan your code, your badge will print, and you can be on your way.

How will I know my registration has been marked as complete?

If you are paying your balance by credit card, your registration fee should be cleared as soon as you complete the online registration process. If your district/school is sending a check, the check should be processed within 5-10 business days after being received by AASL. You can check your registration dashboard to see if the balance due has been cleared.

Approximately 12 weeks out from conference AASL will begin sending weekly reminders to registrants with balances due. If your registration will not be paid until after conference, or your payment will be received after October 8, 2021, you will need to complete the Payment Verification Form. Once AASL receives your payment verification, your balance due will be cleared out so that your badge will print on site, and no additional balance due reminder messages will be sent. If you receive a message in error please e-mail

What happens if I do not submit a payment verification before arriving at AASL National Conference?

Unless there are special circumstances that prevent you from submitting your payment verification prior to conference, AASL asks that you submit your payment verification by October 8.

Please assist us in keeping registration lines moving quickly and the Special Assistance be used for registration issues rather than balance due issues. If you have a balance due, with no paperwork on file, you should proceed to Special Assistance on site.

Cancellation Information

How do I cancel my registration?

Refunds for cancellations made before September 21, 2021, will be granted and will be charged a handling fee of $50. No refund is available for cancellations made on or after September 21, 2021. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, and any documentation should be attached to the refund request. AASL does not accept phone cancellations. E-mail your cancellation request after September 21, 2021, to Cancellation requests will not be reviewed until after conference and a response should be expected 2-3 weeks post conference.

Salt Lake City/Travel/Hotel Information

How do I get to the Salt Palace Convention Center?

Visit the travel page for additional details.  Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, the Salt Palace Convention Center is easy to get to.