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Updated September 10, 2021

American Association of School Librarians (AASL) COVID-19 Requirements for Participation

Attendance at and participation in the 2021 AASL National Conference is subject to compliance with AASL and the event facilities’ policies and procedures to implement current CDC, State of Utah, City of Salt Lake City, and Salt Palace Convention Center recommendations and requirements.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AASL is making necessary adjustments and prioritizing participant well-being. We must acknowledge that the situation remains fluid and is subject to change as circumstances dictate. At present, in accordance with guidance from the CDC, together, with the Salt Palace Convention Center and based on current mandates from the State of Utah/Salt Lake City, we are planning for the following:

  • AASL requests that everyone wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. This policy aligns with CDC guidelines meant to maximize protection from the Delta variant.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the venue.
  • One-way traffic flow in high-traffic areas.
  • The Salt Palace Convention Center (CCC) is an accredited GBAC STAR Facility (Global Biorisk Advisory Council).

AASL Vaccination/Mask Requirements to Attend

While AASL recognizes that our attendees, as educators, will likely be vaccinated, attendees and exhibitors will be asked to confirm vaccination. If not fully vaccinated they will be asked to agree to wear a mask at all times while attending conference events and functions.

Process and Procedure
We are asking all attendees who are able to print their badges from work/home and bring their badges to the conference. This will both decrease lines at registration and limit points of contact for materials. Instructions for printing your badge will be sent approximately one week before the conference. Whether at home or at the convention center, prior to your badge printing you will need to check a box that states:

By checking this box, I attest that I am fully vaccinated. If I am not fully vaccinated, I agree to wear a mask at all times while attending conference events and functions.

All AASL staff, contractors, and convention center staff will follow this process as well. The convention center and AASL have a well-defined and designated space at the center, which should not see people unaffiliated with our event in our conference center space. AASL will have security for general sessions and exhibits and room monitors for concurrent sessions who can request anyone without an AASL conference badge not enter the space.

AASL is still following CDC guidelines and requests attendees wear masks, when possible, regardless of vaccination status.


What to Expect

  • Even if fully vaccinated there will be attendees wearing masks and their choice should be respected.
  • Even if fully vaccinated AASL will be asking people to select a sticker to apply to their badge to indicate “touch level permitted.”
    • Green – Okay with pre-COVID behaviors such as hugs and handshakes.
    • Yellow – Desires some caution and respects social distancing guidelines with elbow/fist bumps only.
    • Red – Desires extreme social distancing and the highest precautions. May be at high risk or caring for someone at high risk.


Before You Travel

Have you completed a self-assessment and are you symptom-free? Use the CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker to get help assessing symptoms, making decisions, and seeking appropriate medical care. Check your flight and travel arrangements. Be mindful of current travel restrictions in place to and from your destination, as well as selected airline policies.


Arriving at AASL National Conference

  • ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE – No Exceptions. Even if you are paying after the show, you must register online with a balance due. AASL will not be making available hard-copy registration forms to limit contact.
  • Pre-print registration badge. AASL is asking attendees to print their badges at home and pick up their lanyard and registration materials on site. This will limit the number of people scanning/tearing badges from on-site printing machines. This will also decrease registration lines and congestion in the registration area.
    • Identification will be required to verify badges match the person who printed. If you need to transfer your registration, please contact to transfer at no cost.
  • Limited lines. AASL will be looking to implement a line management system to prevent large groups from forming and to decrease wait time.


Inside the Salt Palace Convention Center

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the center.
  • AASL will not be providing masks, so please plan accordingly. Disposable masks will be available on a limited basis and when requested.
  • Please follow all recommended health and well-being measures including:
    • Wash or sanitize your hands often
    • Cough or sneeze into your elbow and not into your hand
  • The show floorplan allows for social distancing and one-way entrance/exits. Please observe and follow the flow.
  • Exhibitors will have access to enhanced cleaning and disinfection services for their booths.
  • Trash, recycle, and compost will be removed throughout the venue with greater frequency.
  • Nightly disinfecting will take place to sanitize all seating, restrooms, and frequently touched public areas.
  • Medical personnel will be on site to assist anyone feeling unwell.
  • Drinking fountains will be turned off but water refill “no touch” stations are available throughout the convention center.


Seminar Rooms

NO STANDING/SITTING ALLOWED. It is not uncommon for attendees to sit on floors or stand in the back of rooms during sessions. Even before COVID, this behavior was discouraged as many centers run into fire marshal issues. AASL will not allow attendees to stay in a session room without sitting in a chair.

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